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What yield can I expect from my animal?

  • BEEF: you can expect a 35-40% loss from live weight to hanging weight, and then another 35-40% loss from hanging weight to box weight. 

  • PORK: you can expect a 25% loss from live weight to hanging weight, and then another 10% loss from hanging weight to box weight.

  • LAMB: you can expect a 50% loss from live weight to hanging weight, and then another 10-20% loss from hanging weight to box weight.

*Please note that these yields will vary from animal to animal based on breed, age, and condition of said animal*

Is Mountain View Custom Meats a USDA inspected shop?

Mountain View Custom Meats is a USDA custom exempt shop. If you would like more information about what this means, please contact us.

How should I prepare my wild game before I bring it into Mountain View Custom Meats?

We ask that you bring in your wild game skinned, evicerated, and cleaned. Also, make sure that you have your wild game tag as well. We seek to create a very clean shop held up to the highest possible standards and therefore can only bring in cleanly meat to keep up the standards of shop. As such, we reserve the right to turn away any animal that does not meet these standards.

Do you have retail products for sale?

We do have frozen retail products for sale such as bacon, sausage, and occasionally other specialties. We do not have a fresh retail case. We purchase USDA inspected meat for all our retail products. 

Will I receive all my meat (and only my meat) from my animal?

Absolutely. We never do mixed batches of meat, and are ever cognizant of keeping different customers animals separated from one another. When we opened Mountain View Custom Meats, we strove to create a meat shop different from any other of its kind and this includes the absolute insurance that you get all of your meat, and only your meat. 

How many days will my Beef hang and age?

We generally hang beef for 10-14 days, but we base how long we hang the beef based on the age, overall condition, and fat cover of the animal. If we feel that an animal does not meet enough of these requirements we may hang your beef for less time to insure the protection of your meat, and the other meat in our coolers.

What are sodium nitrites, and are they safe for consumption?

Sodium nitrite is a salt and anti-oxidant that is used to cure meats like ham, bacon, and hot dogs. Sodium nitrites give cured meats their characteristic color and flavor. Cured meats by definition must include sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite serves a vital health function; it blocks the growth of botulism-causing bacteria and prevents spoilage. Numerous scientific panels have evaluated sodium nitrite safety and the conclusions have essentially been the same; sodium nitrite is not only safe, it is essential to public health due to its prevention of botulism. Without sodium nitrites, cured meat's shelf life would be shortened substantially. In fact, less than 5% of daily sodium intake comes from cured meats, with nearly 93% coming from leafy vegetables and tubers and our own saliva!

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